Small Sidetrack on the Cello Trail

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Teaching Lutherie Today…

(Didn’t get much done on the cello…)

Today a young man came to work on his viola– so it was a rather distracted day– but I did accomplish a few things:

Re-work and new work

I discovered that the C-bout ribs I glued in place last night were actually not in good contact, so I will steam them off and re-install them. No biggie, but not happening today.

I laid out and began cutting the scroll and neck for the cello, and, partway through, decided I really needed a carving mallet. (sigh…I know…) Anyway, I had a chunk of a neck billet left over, and a piece of an old sledge-hammer handle, so….

Carving mallet

New Tool

Anyhow, I also have needed a drill press, as, when my youngest son moved out, he took with him the only drill press we had; so I found one (1/2 hp, 5 speed, 5/8″ chuck) on Craigslist, and this evening we went and got it.

Current status:

The scroll is cut out and the volute trimmed about halfway around the curl (all the outer-most turn). All the ribs are bent, and the glue-pot is full– so tomorrow evening I hope to try again. Great weather we are having, so I may get to do a lot more outside.

Be patient…the cello is on the way. 🙂

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One Reply to “Small Sidetrack on the Cello Trail”

  1. The hammer is nice, but I am really disappointed that I have not gotten further along on the cello.

    Tonight I got home too tired to start anything, so I am just going to bed early, hoping that tomorrow I will get home posessing more energy. I worked overtime, today, teaching the properties of metals and the various processes used in destructive testing procedures. All good stuff, but I would really rather build a cello….

    Ah, well…tomorrow.

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