Books by Chet Bishop

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Notes about “Books.”

There have been a few occasions when I put together a photo-essay of a repair or a build. Sometimes they were just on the website as incremental blog-posts, but sometimes they were collated in book-form.

For those and other future works, I will be posting these books here, where they are accessible to anyone who is interested.

They will come up slowly, as this “publishing stuff” is new territory for me.


Building a Five-String Fiddle

This is a photo-essay of the building progress (mostly step-by-step) of a commissioned five-string acoustic fiddle. It was made of Curly, old-growth Koa, with a Sitka spruce belly, and turned out very well.

Five String Fiddle Book

The Journeys of the Swan

This is a photo-essay of the completion of a cello, which had been begun in about 1990 by Kai Jensen, but never completed, as he passed away without having completed his only cello. His daughter, Maryanne Jensen-Gowan, commissioned me to complete the instrument.

The Journeys of the Swan

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