Advanced Student Instruments (for those moving up a little.)

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Better instruments at an affordable price.

These instruments are for the advanced student who is ready for a step up, but not ready to spend 8-10K on a handcrafted luthier-made violin. I offer 100% trade-in, if a customer chooses to upgrade to one of my handmade instruments.

In some cases, the instruments result from a customer desiring a particular size or type of instrument not readily available, but which I can obtain as an uncompleted, unvarnished instrument, I purchase the instrument for them, complete the making, the varnishing and proper set-up, so that they get a high-quality instrument for a reasonable price. 

Some sizes are also available as a five-string variant, in this “house-brand” category, but not all. My handmade instruments are all available as a five-string.

“Atelier Chez Les Eveques” Violin:  


“Atelier Chez Les Eveques” Violin:   

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