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Scroll down to see slide-shows of individual instruments.


Stradivari model; instrument #13

Stradivari model; instrument #8

Five-String Fiddle

Oliver Five String Fiddle #17

Oliver Five String Fiddle #19


Oliver 16″ Viola

Oliver 16-1/4″ Viola

Lanini model 16 1/2″ Viola #18

Oliver 16-1/2″ Lion Head Viola


Davidov-model Cello; instrument #16

Davidov-model Cello; instrument #22


William Tarr model; instrument #6

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  1. Joel Cribbs mentioned to me that he bought one of your violins. He loves it! I am a trumpet and trombone maker and am interested in seeing what my colleagues are doing. He suggested that I look up your website. You do very beautiful work! I am very impressed and I look forward to seeing and trying to play Joel’s violin.

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