A Luthier’s Valentine

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A valentine for this Luthier’s Lady

Valentine’s day 2012

It has been way too many years since I gave my wife a Valentine’s Day gift, or even a card. (She always told me not to…should I have believed her, or was that some sort of “feminine wiles” at work?)


This year, at breakfast, she showed up with a lovely card she had bought for me. Made me choke up. So when she left for work (I had the day off) I went right out to the shed and rummaged around for materials to make a valentine for her.

The red heart is made from a scrap of curly bigleaf maple left over from the cello I made last summer. The backing is Englemann spruce I had sitting on a shelf. Didn’t get much else done that day…but when she got home, it was done. I hope it makes up for some of the wasted Valentine’s Days of years gone by. 🙂

Luthier's Valentine
Luthier’s Valentine, made for my wife, Ann, February 2012

I couldn’t ask for a finer wife. We’ve had over thirty-one years together. I’m sorry it took me so long to think of a proper Valentine’s Day gift.

For those interested, the entire finish is shellac, dyed different colors, except for a single coat of propolis on the spruce, after the first coat of shellac, to accentuate the grain. The purfling is cello purfling.

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