Completed Titian Copy

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Completed “Titian” Stradivarius Copy

Final work completed

I will probably polish it more, and make adjustments, here and there, but the violin is essentially done.

The photo below is not a good representation of the color– the flash made it look unnaturally bright. The back photo is pretty accurate, though:

flash changed the color.
Unnatural colors, here. Sorry. The previous photos were pretty accurate for color.


Better colors, here.
Better colors, here. I’m guessing the flash caused the problem above.


better colors
This is closer to the true colors. Maybe not as clear, however.


Anyhow, that is where it stands. I have a show in March, in Corvallis, as I announced earlier. I still hope to take this instrument as well as the “Plowden ” Guarneri del Gesu copy to that show, along with a few others: violas, five-string fiddles, and at least one cello.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks for looking.

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