15-3/4″ Oliver viola–Completed November 2012

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15-3/4″ Oliver viola

This viola is made of Sitka spruce with a Red-maple one-piece back, Red Maple neck, and Big-leaf maple ribs, with willow linings and spruce blocks. It was just completed this morning (November 30th), so it is as new as new can be.

This is taken with a flash,so the colors are a little brighter than reality, but that’s the best I can do for now.

I will be participating in a violin-maker’s trade show at “Fairfield Inn & Suites” in Lake Oswego, tomorrow afternoon (December 1st).  I hope to exhibit six violas, three violins, a cello and a five-string fiddle.

The show is open from One PM to Seven PM, and is free to all. I hope we get a lot of players attending…it is very encouraging to makers to have players test-driving their instruments.

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