The 2016 Northwest Handmade Musical Instrument Show

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Musical Instrument Makers’ Show at Marylhurst University

We had about 80 makers exhibiting at Marylhurst again, this year, and about 800 visitors over the two afternoons that weekend (April 30th/May 1st). It was a very positive experience, though physically and emotionally exhausting.

Ann took a few photos the second day, mostly before the visitors began showing up, so you are seeing the exhibitors setting up.




Our table
Our son Brian’s table.


Doc’s Banjos…his kids were watching Seth Kimmel set up his Bass-making exhibit.



Another bass-maker…all the way from Seattle.


Traditional Latino Instruments


Flamenco guitars


Classical Guitars


Other instruments


Modern Ukuleles


Every kind of guitar imaginable.


Flutes and Drums




More violins and/or fiddles


Violins, violas, and a cello


And Bows!


Pochettes and fiddles.


Visitor test-driving one of my violins

Obviously there was much more to see. I stayed pretty close to my table virtually all the time, and was very busy, so I missed seeing all the great work people did. For three bucks, that show is the best deal of the year, though. Plan on attending next year, if you can come. It is the last weekend of April every year.

Thanks for looking.


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