CWI Training: A New Subsidiary to Bluefiddles LLC

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New Branch on the Bluefiddle’s Tree.

For twenty years, I served as a CWI (Certified Welding Inspector), CWE (Certified Welding Educator), and CWS (Certified Welding Supervisor) at the factory where I worked. (I was there from 1986, but did not get my CWI until ’98, then served there until 2020 when I was laid off.)

During those years, I trained hundreds of workers to read prints, to troubleshoot welding problems, to correctly and accurately bid jobs, and to supervise welding operations in a productive manner. (I also taught at two local community colleges, teaching the fundamentals of welding to college students.)

In the process of training people at work, I also trained dozens of Certified Welding Inspectors. (CWI) Some remained there, using their skills and qualifications to serve that company. Some moved on to other companies (This is one of the built-in “risks” to having a good training program!)

I recently have been asked to use these skills again: Though I had completely changed vocations, and now consider myself a full-time luthier, I agreed to serve, and immediately secured the domain name (It is redirected to this page, for the moment. I may add more information later.)

I don’t know how far this will eventually go, but “CWI Trainer dot-com” is now officially a subsidiary of Bluefiddle’s West Wind Strings, LLC. 🙂

Thanks for visiting…I will add more to the site, as time allows and as the venture develops.

Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Chet Bishop

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