Annnd… I’m Back. With a New Fiddle.

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Resurrected Website: Bluefiddle’s West Wind Strings

A couple of months ago, in my befuddled, well-meaning, bungling way, I killed my website entirely.

The host was able to save it, but I had been in the process of changing hosts, so that was a bit awkward. I have switched from Joomla, which I was just beginning to understand to WordPress, regarding which I understand nothing…and have bought the requisite book: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide…”  Sounds as though it was written for my kinda guy. A friend has reconstructed the site using WordPress, and has assured me that I will be able to master the new software.  I trust he is correct.

New Five-string fiddle

I did complete one new instrument since I last posted: a five-string fiddle (sometimes called a “bluegrass fiddle”), using the wood from the Big Leaf maple log I had been given a few years ago. This is the first instrument I have made using that wood, and I am delighted with the look, response and sound. Here are a few photos of the new, handmade in Oregon, bluegrass fiddle:

The tailpiece you see is gone, now, and a Wittner five-string tailpiece has replaced it. I carved this one of Osage Orange wood, because I had forgotten to order a new tailpiece.

(Edit, May 2nd, 2013: This fiddle sold the first day of the Musical Instrument show at Marylhurst University. Gotta make another one, I guess.  )

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4 Replies to “Annnd… I’m Back. With a New Fiddle.”

  1. Your reply to my question on Maestronet brought me here. That is rather pretty wood and work. I like the burly quality and orientation of your slab cut, especially the lower bout.
    Cheers, James

  2. Mr. Bishop,
    I hate to be so crass, but after your lovely — and loving — presentation, the only question I can think of is how much does one of these beauties cost? Case included? (I suspect that that slightly deeper body might not fit well in all available fiddle cases. Better safe than frustrated.) Order conditions? Waiting period? I loved the pictures and the write-up. Thanks,
    James Bruce
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    (I would pick it up on a trip home to the States.)

    1. Mr. Bruce;

      The one you are looking at on this particular page has been sold, for $5,500, including a case and (reasonable) bow.

      I am not really a player, though I make the attempt, and my idea of a decent bow might be different than yours. So, if you are a player and would rather pick out your own bow, I will leave out the bow, and knock off $150, as that is about what I had been paying for the bows.

      Actually, they fit quite well in a standard case, but I s’pose if the case was on the tight side it might not work. The only one I have available right now is the first one to come up on the home page, but I expect to have a couple more by April…I hope. Health has been a problem this year. Anyway…I will leave the price the same as the last one, if you are interested.

      Thanks for looking!

      Chet Bishop

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