Two for the Show!

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Two Fiddles for the Show

1735 “Plowden” copy finally completed

The varnish is still pretty soft (so players at the show will just have to be gentle); but the Plowden is finally complete, and playing well.

Completed Plowden Front

Completed “Plowden” copy front


Completed Plowden Back.

Completed “Plowden” copy back.


The 1715 “Titian” Stradivari copy and the 1735 “Plowden” Guarneri del Gesu copy will both be there at the Corvallis Hilton Hotel, for the “Violin-Tasting Event” hosted by Jon Franke, from 12PM to 5PM March 10th.

I’ve been playing them, to my best ability, to get them opened up and the strings settled in, a bit, but I hope that far better players will be there tomorrow at the show.

Playing them in.

Playing them in…sort of. I’m not a very good player at all.


Anyway, here they are (finally): completed, and ready for a lifetime of music.

Two for the Show!

Two for the Show!


I also expect to exhibit violas, five-string fiddles, and a cello.


Hope to see you there!


Thanks for looking.

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2 Responses to “Two for the Show!”
  1. Rick Milliken

    Chet, have been watching with interest! As usual fabulous work! Your corners are outstanding! I hope you have a great show.

    • 03.18.2019

      Thanks, Rick! Both instruments received a lot of positive attention at the show on the 10th, and the latest one (2 days old at the show) seemed to be the favorite. It was a very encouraging show. I hope someone calls, wanting to make a purchase, but it was a nice experience anyway. Chet

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