Five String Finished

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Varnished, Set-up and Ready to Play!

Here’s the most recent five-string fiddle, handmade in Oregon, varnished and ready to play.

The sound is balanced across all strings and has good volume. I guess I would say it still sounds a bit “new”, but that is to be expected with less than five minutes play time. The strings are Helicore, and were sold specifically for a five string fiddle. I have set them up with Dominants, and they sound good that way, too.

Just as I began to take photos (on my car again) the sun came out from behind a cloud, and the varnish glowed very nicely. (I love it when that happens.)

Varnished Five-string Fiddle in the Sun

Varnished Five-string Fiddle in the Sun


Varnished 5 string fiddle back

Varnished 5-String Fiddle Back


 5 string fiddle side view with the varnish in the Sun

And the side view with the varnish in the Sun


I am looking forward to hearing a good fiddler (old-time, country, bluegrass, celtic) put this one through its paces. Or a violist or a violinist…I’m not particular.

Thanks for looking.

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5 Responses to “Five String Finished”
  1. James Carroll

    Really looks nice Chet……couldn’t see the side view !

  2. 07.02.2015

    No idea why– it is there… Glad you like it, anyway. Thanks for the ehcouragement.

  3. James Carroll

    After I sent you the message the image showed !

  4. James Carroll

    I really like the purfling design on the back ! Did use a knife or router ?

    • 07.02.2015

      I used a knife–my experiences with router (Dremel) purfling have not been encouraging. It is too easy to lose control and do something you didn’t intend…and it doesn’t make a slice, it makes a slot. When that happened, I cut a piece of wood and filled the slot, then re-cut with a knife, but it was a real bother.

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